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ERMA CONCEPT has developed its own paint booth dry filter or water curtain. Our water curtain spray booth have been developed with the objective of high performance ecological matters. They are from this point of view without competitors.

Our painting lines & their specificities
Spindle conveyor
"Bars" conveyor
Flat conveyor
6 axes robot
Internal lacquering carrousel
Spray booth


Area of competence
Automatic paint lines in many sectors of acivities

Packaging | Cosmetic | Flaconnage
Agrifood | Plastic
Automotive Subcontractors

spray booth

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ligne automatique de peinture Cabines de peinture


  • Dry filtration single stage, double stage, baffles shock

  • Water curtain spray booth :
    - Made of steel or stainless steel
    - Vertical, horizontal or oblique aspiration
    - Very high efficiency of cleansing

  • Whether dry filtration or water curtain, integration
    perfect in our lines that require a perfect balancing ventilation

  • Sizes fully customizable


ligne automatique de peinture Cabines de peinture

The water curtain boothes Erma Concept is a fine achievement and tidy. Entirely in stainless steel, it has been developed entirely in-house. They are essential in the case of high production rates. All efficiency tests made in France and abroad show us that they have no competitor.