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Erma Concept
Automatic painting lacquering line > 6 axes robots
ERMA CONCEPT performs integration for your application, simple and easy to use. Training your technicians will be provided by us, on your custom installation.

Our painting lines & their specificities
Spindle conveyor
"Bars" conveyor
Flat conveyor
6 axes robot
Internal lacquering carrousel
Spray booth


Area of competence
Automatic paint lines in many sectors of acivities

Packaging | Cosmetic | Flaconnage
Agrifood | Plastic
Automotive Subcontractors

6 axes robot

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applications robotisées robot staubli rx paint

Integration of ROBOTS STAUBLI RX/TX PAINT on painting line

  • For all applications of paint and varnish

  • Spécific conveyor with balancelles ou plates

  • Secured installations in existing spray booth

  • 1 to 2 spray guns on robot

  • Internal lacquering

  • Pathways pieces stopped or to monitoring (tracking)

  • Drying flat, radiant or convection

  • Specific programs developped for the customer

  • Control of two-component dosing pumps, changers tints ...

  • Training "Offline"

machines de peintures applications robotisées

Spraying using a robot is justified for applications requiring high precision. PERFECT repeatability . OPTIMAL performance. Acceptance procedures trajectories and spraying parameters; saving time to the settings.