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In some cases, a coating line can be revamped. Used conveyors, inefficient oven or not powerful enough, polluting cabs ... Erma Concept can help you make new with old. We supply machine components, we know fit your existing line, we assemble them in your line.

Our painting lines & their specificities
Spindle conveyor
"Bars" conveyor
Flat conveyor
6 axes robot
Internal lacquering carrousel
Spray Booth


Area of competence
Automatic paint lines in many sectors of acivities

Packaging | Cosmetic | Flaconnage
Agrifood | Plastic
Automotive Subcontractors

spray booth

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ligne automatique de peinture Cabines de peinture

COMPONENTS OR FUNCTIONS proposed by Erma Concept

  • Floor Conveyor, chains and complete rotators

  • Wastewater treatment systems and cabins, up to standard

  • Complete Ovens, radiant and convection
  • Coolers

  • Set digital spray parameters management
  • Automation and spraying management
  • Paint preparation booths
  • Test Miniligne ...

ligne automatique de peinture Cabines de peinture