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ERMA CONCEPT, a powerful experience of flat conveyor in textile, gluing, laminated treated glass, plastics, and for many diverse applications on flat pieces.

Our painting lines & their specificities
Spindle conveyor
"Bars" conveyor
Flat conveyor
6 axes robot
Internal lacquering carrousel
Spray booth


Area of competence
Automatic paint lines in many sectors of acivities

Packaging | Cosmetic | Flaconnage
Agrifood | Plastic
Automotive Subcontractors

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ligne de peinture automatique Map S

Machine with FLAT CONVEYOR

  • For all applications of flat paint or varnish

  • Specific conveyor with bars, belt or balancelles
  • Conveyor width 1 to 4 meters

  • 1 to 4 spray guns reciprocating moving

  • Cadences from 1000 to 8000 p / hour

  • Drying flat, radiant or convection

ligne automatique de peinture Map S

Perfectly adapted for spraying all flat and small height pieces, the automatic spraying machines with flat conveyor of ERMA CONCEPT fit standard components already developed. Bars, belts, carpet rolls.